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The cuisine is interpreted by the Amadourian Chef Xavier Menot

Our restaurant Jehan le Valon offers tasty cuisine in a refined and modern setting.

After having been trained by great starred restaurants such as the restaurant Le Gindreau, in Saint-Médard and Maison Wenger, in Switzerland, Xavier Menot affirms his vision of refined local cuisine. It thus harmonizes the subtle flavors specific to each season and the products of the Causses du Quercy.

His dishes, between tradition and daring, are based on respect for the work of local producers.

Chef Xavier Menot and his team will be happy to welcome you to our restaurant Jehan le Valon overlooking the Alzou valley and to share this culinary pleasure with you.

Jehan de Valon
Gastronomic restaurant

Jehan de Valon

Gastronomy rhymes with magic charms the ear and then the palate in a place as captivating and majestic as the city of ROCAMADOUR.

Everything is in harmony, ancestral know-how and current interpretation mastered to carry out the well-being of your taste buds waiting for discoveries.
The moments of pleasure will be shared to the rhythm of the seasons in the panoramic dining room overlooking the wildly beautiful Alzou gorges or on the garden terrace, in the shade of the lime trees from which the gaze passes from the sea. valley of the Sanctuaries clinging to the side of vertiginous cliffs.

The menus

Our chef Xavier Menot leads you into the round of pleasures
The menus

Gourmet menu

Red tuna tataki with sesame, Asian dressing, crunchy vegetable julienne
Or Semi-cooked duck foie gras medaillons from South-West, Espelette pepper, green tomatoes chutney

Back cod confit in olive oil, vegetable tatin, like a ratatouille, watercress emulsion
Or Pan-fried beef tenderloin (French beef), ”Anna” apple with walnut butter  Cahors wine sauce
(extra €5 Rossini)

Plate of fresh selected cheese (Osseau-Iraty ”Grande Réserve”, Cantal, Farmhouse Rocamadour and goat cheese curd with herbs) Or Dessert of your choice
The menus

Lunch Menu

Young Sprout Salad with Crispy Prawns, Smoked Duck Breast Citrus supreme, crunchy vegetables, tangy dressing Or Chicken Suprême Label Rouge Black rice, virgin sauce, lemon and basil emulsion

"Comté" cheese and farmhouse Rocamadour Small lettuce
Or Coconut milk Tapioca, strawberry tartare 
The menus

Little Gastronome menu

(-12 yo)
Cod brochette
Or Chicken Supreme, Fresh Tagliatelle

Profiterole with chocolate sauce
Or Vanilla ice cream

La Carte


Plate of Serrano ham "Gran Reserva"
Garlic tomato compote and baguettine
12.00 €
Gribiche pig's feet cromesquis
with tarragon, arugula
12.00 €
Red tuna tataki
with sesame Asian dressing, crunchy vegetable julienne  
13.00 €
Quercy lamb sweetbread puff pastry Meat
juice with capers
Mid-cooked duck foie gras medallions IGP from the South-West
With Espelette pepper, green tomato chutney
16.00 €


Young Sprouts salad with crispy prawns
Smoked breast, citrus supremes, crunchy vegetables and tangy vinaigrette
Buddha bowl, quinoa, crunchy vegetables, red cabbage, broad beans
And tuna tataki with sesame, pomegranates, fresh herbs

Main courses

Label rouge chicken supreme.
Venerated rice, virgin sauce, lemon basil emulsion
Cod fillet confit in olive oil
Vegetable tatin like ratatouille, watercress emulsion
Pan-fried beef tenderloin (V.B.F)
Anna apple with brown butter, Cahors wine sauce, crispy onions (extra Rossini: 5 €)
Leg of lamb from Quercy "Label rouge"
(cut in the dining room) Gratin of potatoes with Cantal, white beans and candied garlic
Melanosporum truffle gnocchi
Parmesan emulsion
Meat pie with Melanosporum truffles (20g)
Perigueux sauce and mixed salad

Cheese and deserts

Rocamadour "Ferme Lacoste"
Salad with walnuts, black cherry jam
Plate of matured cheese
Ossau-iraty "Grande Réserve", Cantal, Rocamadour farmer and Goat cheese curd with herbs
Tapioca with coconut milk
Strawberry tartare and strawberry sorbet
Palet with two chocolates,
cocoa crumble, mandarin sorbet
Frozen organic nut mystery
Praline and light cream
Plate of homemade sorbets
Fresh fruit tartare

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