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ROCAMADOUR, a “vertical” village built from the 12th Century on, upon a "Rock of Light"

 L'Hospitalet: 13th Century Chapel and Hospital to Saint John in the "Champs des Pauvres".

Mediaeval citadel: fortified  gates (13th Century), Palais de la Couronnerie (15th Century), Great Pilgrims’ Staircase (224 steps)

 Enceinte Sacrée: 7 churches and chapels, the miraculous 9th Century bell, statue of the Black Virgin (12th Century), murals including one of a danse macabre (12th to 15th Centuries), 19th Century Stations of the Cross.

 Chateau: 14th Century ramparts offering a glorious view.

ROCAMADOUR and its culinary delights
  • La Ferme des Campagnes: duck foie gras with Rocamadour win
  • La Ferme Lacoste: Rocamadour cheese under the AOC label
  • La Borie d'Imbert: Goat herd, goats milk cheese and Rocamadour AOC cheese
  • La Maison des Abeilles: honey and pain d'épices
ROCAMADOUR and its special features
  • La Grotte des Merveilles
  • Le Petit Train de Nuit (night-time tourist train)
  • Tapisserie Jean Lurçat (tapestry-making)
  • Café Théatre Côté Rocher
  • Le Rocher des Aigles (birds of prey show)
  • La Forêt des Singes (monkey park)
  • La Maison des Abeilles (bees and honey)
  • La Ferme de Justine (cheeses)

rocher des aigles

ROCAMADOUR’s nearby attractions
  Le Gouffre de Padirac (with underground boat trip).
La Grotte de Lacave  – Préhistologia (prehistory theme park)
The Fortified Watermill of Cougnaguet (13th Century)
 Medieval village of Martel - Reptiland
 Gramat and its Animal Park
 Souillac with its domed Abbey Church, museum and distillery
 Saint Céré and its Jean Lurçat Museum and the Château de Montal
 Gourdon and its Old Town, plus the Prehistoric Caves of Cougnac
 Figeac, now superbly restored, home of Jean-François Champollion (decipherer of the Rosetta Stone), Museum of World Scripts.
Prize-winning bastides and villages.


gouffre de padirac©FABRIOL


Rocamadour is an ideal spot from which to explore the VALLEY OF THE DORDOGNE, with its 1001 chateaux.

  • Circuit des Merveilles, three villages, each awarded the title "Plus beaux village de France": Autoire, Loubressac, Carennac
  • Bretenoux, 13th Century bastide
  • Beaulieu sur Dordogne : nestling in the gentle "Limousine Riviera", with its elaborate 12th Century tympanum and its port for gabares (river cargo-boats)
  • Collonges la Rouge : ancient town of red sandstone houses
  • Turenne : chateau of the Vicomtes de Turenne


  • Souillac, celebrated by Christian Signol in his " Rivière Espérance" trilogy
  • Château de Fénelon, where François Salignac de Lamothe-Fénelon was born
  • Sarlat, the magnificent capital of the Périgord
  • The Five Chateaux: Beynac, Fayrac, Marqueyssac, Castelnaud, Lacoste
  • The Roque Gageac with its exotic garden and river trips by Gabares Norbert
  • Château des Milandes, eternally associated with Joséphine Baker
  • Bastide de Dôme its lookout point.


The Lot River is named after Oltis, the Gallic goddess of water, and it is joined by the Vers and the Célé amidst wild and beautiful scenery.

  Cabreret and the Pech Merle cave, "authentic emotion". Exceptional cave paintings 24,000 years old
Saint Cirq Lapopie, a listed and award-winning village perched at the top of a steep cliff
Numerous chateaux (Cennevières, The Chateau du Diable, etc.)
Fine 17th Century locks on the river; boat trips

TOUR the wine routes of Cahors

  Cahors, capital of the Quercy region, with its 14th Century Valentré Bridge and its old quarters
Lalbenque, famous for its truffles.
Cajarc,famous for its saffron.

Our unspoilt countryside offers many Romanesque churches, fine country houses, and an exceptional human heritage: gariottes (stone shelters), fountains, wash-houses, dry stone walls... fine examples of the local architecture